Sublime Text 3 Working License Key

Sublime Text 3 Working License Key Have you purchased your Sublime Text 3 license key? Are you getting popup with register your sublime copy every time? Here is a hack…

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[SOLVED] PHP is not recognized as an internal or external command

PHP is not recognized as an internal or external command Have you ever faced this type of error while running PHP command from command prompt? Some PHP files like cron job…

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How To Run PHP File From Windows Command Line

To run PHP file from windows command line, you must have installed PHP in your windows system. Individually setup PHP environment is tedious and lengthy task in windows system. So…

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50+ PHP Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Hello Friends, after a long time i am here with a great list of interview questions and answers. From last couple of months, I was looking for changing my job….

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Disable / Enable button using jQuery

Hey Guys, Today i am going to share with you one small but important tutorial.Last week, i was working with one of my project and i had a task to…

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best php framework 2016

Top 6 PHP frameworks for 2016

Before start with frameworks, I assume that you have worked in core PHP. Everyone knows that in Core PHP you have to write and manage lot code. You must care…

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php crud tutorial operation

PHP CRUD tutorial with DEMO Example

Hello friends, Today i am going to share one more tutorial named simple PHP CRUD tutorial with mysql. This is most basic part while you create any application. Any web…

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